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Our mission: is dedicated to furthering the research of Pennsylvania genealogy and history, providing access to original data and primary source material, and serving as a clearinghouse to external sources of research materials pertaining to Pennsylvania genealogy.  The study of history goes hand in hand with genealogy, be it personal history, or the history in which one's ancestors were immersed in their daily lives.

What's Available Here: provides genealogists and local historians with access to a wide variety of sources of all things genealogical and historical, to aid in their Pennsylvania research.  While some assets are hosted on this web site, we provide links to thousands of Pennsylvania-related genealogical and historical resources, both primary and secondary in nature.  In addition, guides to and discussions of these and other resources and sources, including numerous "how-to's" are hosted here.


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Biography  -  Biographical and Autobiographical Works Relating to Pennsylvanians (See also: Family Genealogy)

Cemetery Records  -  Cemetery and Burial Records, by County.  Includes cemetery-specific books and related materials.  (See also: Veterans Records)

Census Records  -  U.S. Census Records for the Decennial Censuses of 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930

Census Soundex  -  U.S. Census Soundex Index for the Censuses of 1880, 1900, 1910 and 1920

Church Records  -  Includes Baptisms, Communion, Confirmation, church membership, and other records relating to particular churches

Civil War  -  Records relating to Pennsylvania and the Civil War (1861-1865) (See also: Military Records)

Directories  -  Residential, Commercial and other specialized directories of persons, businesses and organizations

Family Genealogy 

Germantown  -  History and related materials relating to Germantown Township, Philadelphia.  Germantown and Germantown Township, includes the present-day sections of Germantown, Cresheim (Mount Airy), Sommerhausen and Crefeld (Chestnut Hill).

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Historical & Genealogical Organizations 


Legal  -  Laws and Cases :: Pennsylvania Laws passed by the state Legislature; and Records and Reports of legal cases in the Courts of Pennsylvania (See "Legal" subheadings under History and Philadelphia History for other historical materials about courts and the law)

Marriage Records 

Military  (See also: Civil War; Veterans Records)


Pennsylvania Maps  -  Listings of Pennsylvania Maps  - and related maps and resources - available on 

(1601-1700) (1701-1750) (1751-1800) (1801-1810)
(1811-1820) (1821-1830) (1831-1840) (1841-1850)
(1851-1860) (1861-1870) (1871-1880) (1881-1890)
(1891-1900) (1901-2000) (2001-DATE)

Wills & Estates 

Yearbooks  -  Pennsylvania University, College and High School Yearbooks



About  -  About

Documents Hosted on - A cross-reference of documents, sources & information Hosted on

Germantown Notices  -  Newspaper Notices Pertaining to Germantown, Pennsylvania, 1683-1899

Notes & Information 

Original Writings  -  Original and historical writings of the founders and other significant Pennsylvanians

Passenger Lists  -  Lists of passengers arriving at the Port of Philadelphia

Pennsylvania Archives  -  Published compilations of the Pennsylvania State Archives, including the Colonial Records and the Pennsylvania Archives series'

Pennsylvania Counties  -  Basic data and information relating to each of Pennsylvania's 67 Counties

Pennsylvania County Formation  -  Table of data illustrating the Creation and Development of Pennsylvania's 67 Counties

Pennsylvania Quotables  -  Notable and Significant Quotes by and About Pennsylvania and Its History

Periodicals  -  Genealogical and Historical publications

Philadelphia History  -  Books, Materials and Sources Relating to the History of Philadelphia, City and County

Using the U.S. Census Microfilm 

Using the U.S. Census Soundex Index 

William Penn (1644-1718)  -  Writings by and About William Penn: The Founder of Pennsylvania


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